New ID scanner product success for UK's Pet-ID

The Challenge

Pet-ID, a leading provider of pet microchips had started to suffer problems with their easy-to-use handheld scanners. Hoping to cut costs, they had tried offshore production for volume manufacturing, but issues with the Asia-based supplier soon became unmanageable.

On investigation we discovered that the overseas manufacturer had significantly altered the product design without permission and source code was missing, meaning testing, manufacturing and assembly could not take place.

Our challenge was to deliver a solution quickly enabling our client to continue to provide the scanners minimising financial loss and preserving the company’s reputation.

The BitBox approach

We worked closely with MD Jo Briault to recover Pet-ID’s investments and get reliable products to market.

Our design team:

  • Reclaimed as much of the existing design as they could.
  • Refined the design to be more suitable to volume manufacturing.
  • Added simpler yet innovative ARM® chip and firmware to improve usability.
  • Ensured components chosen were suited to the expected product life cycle.
  • Ensured the intellectual property of the design remained with Pet-ID.

Our manufacturing team then:

  • Used BitBox's proven approach to controlled manufacturing quality, including in-line Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) to identify any potential issues early in the process, saving time, money and preventing production delays.
  • Implemented advanced testing to prove product quality and reliability.
  • Installed the assembled boards in to enclosures supplied by the client and then in to final customer packaging, ensuring our client received a complete solution, not simply the electronic components.


Within three months of receiving the order, BitBox had redesigned, prototyped and begun volume manufacturing of the new, high quality scanners. In addition, BitBox's manufacturing team are now proactively managing the product life cycle and monitoring components for any potential obsolescence issues to ensure the product remains current. Pet-ID can now release quality product for sale with full confidence in BitBox RMA warranty services.