Flexible Industrial Control... scalable, reliable, PLC-free

Programmable controllers for industry, process control and lab systems are often prototyped using off-the-shelf PLCs. Our customers tell us general purpose PLCs are expensive in quantity and do not scale well as your business grows.

When costly PLC controllers eat into your margins...

We adapt your costly controller into a robust board ready for your system. We'll minimise redesign for most CPU or MCUs. With experienced design engineers and production locally in Hampshire, our clients gain scalability and reliability, as our BitBox designers eliminate bulky, costly multi-PLCs and deliver controllers with your functions and software features built-in.

Our hardware and software designers offer integrated cost-effective real-time performance, reliable I/O isolation, leading M2M comms and IoT options, and advice on new protocols IoT, SigFox and LoRa. Our skilled team adapts your PLC with proven successful cores - not reinventing the wheel, saving your company money. You can integrate dedicated electronics boards supplied in convenient batches directly from our UK assembly line.

With BitBox Ltd., secure a profitable product range with our .PLC-AdAPT Team

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Successful industrial products: BitBox designs operate smoothly 24/7 in all kinds of applications. With Energy Management, control, monitoring solutions deployed across the UK and worldwide.

Industrial control array PLC software Siemens programming replacement LAN ModBus RS-485 LonWorks SCADA

We can boost profitability 50-off, 500 or more. Add Wireless, CAN, ModBus at low cost. We cost-reduce your industrial control with freedom to grow. Talk with BitBox's all-UK control electronics design team today - we'll partner you to success with cost-effective electronics design & production.