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Electronics & Software Design & Manufacture
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Flexible Industrial Control

Programmable Industrial Control units, process controls and lab systems are often prototyped using off-the-shelf Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC). Our experience tells us that general purpose PLCs are expensive in quantity and limit the ability to scale effectively. BitBox often develops Industrial Control units that provide flexibility, reliability and can be manufactured on demand.

Effective Industrial Control

When undertaking a design and manufacture project, we take time to understand what you need from an Industrial Control Unit. For instance, one customer came to BitBox with a controller and a need to implement it within a control unit. The solution needed to be more robust and ready for quick integration within their existing control system. Because our electronics engineers and production teams share one facility, we maintain an efficient process with knowledge sharing. Our professional and passionate designers were able to eliminate the bulky, costly multi-PLCs and delivered fully customised and flexible controllers.

The Results

Our hardware and software design engineers were able to deliver a cost effective industrial control system based on their expertise with integrated real-time performance, reliable I/O isolation and M2M communications protocols, including LoRa. In this instance, the team enhanced an existing system with proven successful cores, saving money while delivering an Industrial Control Unit to resolve the business’s challenges. BitBox manufactures the product in convenient batches directly from our UK assembly line as the customer requires them.

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