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Prototyping Engineer

Do you enjoy creating innovative electronic solutions for challenging applications?

Are you excited by the prospect of creating a prototype or demonstrator that drives a new idea closer to volume manufacture? Do you want to work in a company that appreciates its team and treats it well and, for the right person, provides a secure working environment with key perks?

About Us

BitBox is a well-established Design and Manufacturer of reliable and high-quality electronics products. We are looking to enhance our service with a team that will create prototypes; proof of concepts that become the first step to the realisation of our customers’ vision. The aim being to demonstrate the feasibility of solutions that are then fed in to the design and manufacture process. We value the pride and professionalism of our staff who work to deliver truly world-class products. If you want to enhance your career within a company like ours, we want to hear from you.

Job Requirements

We have an exciting opportunity for a talented solutions provider to create electronics based prototypes and demonstrators.

Educated to degree level
At least 3 years’ experience in electronics and software product development using C, other languages are a bonus
Excellent customer facing skills
Creative and inquisitive mind to provide practical solutions to complex and unusual problems
Creating written specifications by working with the client
Skill in technical problem solving to resolve issues during development
Ability to build and manage a small, energetic development team


Full development and project delivery that adheres to the written specification
Electronic hardware design including PCB layout using chips or modules specified by you
Software coding using languages and techniques specified by you
Good fault finding and problem-solving ability
Product test, debug and verification
Mechanical design used for designing prototype enclosures
Project and time management with customer interaction


Competitive salary
Pension scheme
Personal private health cover
Quarterly profit share – based on company performance

The potential for this role is great! We have developments lined up that are varied, interesting and cover a range of market sectors and expect to build this in to an autonomous team. BitBox does not work on military projects.

To help us understand your fitness for this role, please respond to this challenge:

A research project wants to plot soil moisture using a grid of sensors placed at 20m spacing in x and y over a field of approximately 100m x 100m. For the project the soil moisture is read by measuring the resistivity between two 60mm metal probes.

Readings are logged once per day at the same time each day. The data is to be transferred daily to a database in the cloud. We are only responsible for getting the data in to the cloud – not storing it or processing it there.

It is intended that the sensors be battery powered and should last for 12 months.

The target cost of components for sensors to be less than £ 100 (ex VAT) each at a quantity of 100 off.

Our job is to design a system, build and test 40 sensors.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If there is information missing in this requirement, please send your questions to cchaney@bitbox.co.uk

Please put together an outline proposal of a solution to present to the client including:

· Overall block diagram for the solution

· Which components or modules would you use in your solution?

· What are the key risks and problems that you foresee in providing a solution?

· How long do you think it would take before you could present a prototype for testing in the field?

· How much of this project would you feel confident that you could handle? Where would you need support?