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Occupancy Tracking

A great use of IIoT technologies is for Occupancy Tracking. Consumers experience something simlar with parcel delivery. Within the Building Management Systems environment, however, Occupancy Tracking has a number of outcomes, each with very defined benefits.

People Counting

Within multi-office spaces, facilities managers need to direct cleaning and support personnel based on demand. An easy means to identify this is by using asset tracking sensors configured to monitor the flow of people. One BitBox M2M gateway was able to transmit information through 54 floors of a full steel, glass and concrete London office, demonstrating the power and ease of implementation such Occupancy Tracking systems can achieve.

Hot Desk Monitoring

The use of hot desks is a proven way to make best use of space within many companies. Keeping tabs on availability, however, can be a challenge. Smart buildings technologies can be applied to monitoring desk usage. With an IIoT set up, users are able to easily identify available work spaces, while management reports can be created to provide critical data on overall use. The BitBox approach is to build custom solutions; this means that the set up is built exactly to your business requirements.