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Building Control Benefits

The Industrial Internet of Things is already revolutionising businesses. The benefits of implementing a custom building control system based on IIoT applications are varied. Our experience suggests that often these are focused on improving the environmental conditions for users and for creating efficiencies.

Benefits to Staff

By implementing a building management system that better regulates the working environment, staff productivity can improve. Better airflow with constant temperatures can reduce sick days; providing lighting systems that respond to atmospheric conditions ensure staff are moving around more safely and have a more comfortable working environment.

Financial Benefits

Through implementing smart building systems, facilities managers are able to reduce the cost of running and maintaining premises. This manifests itself in many ways.

Lighting Management Systems ensure that additional light is only provided where and when it is needed and is reduced when spaces are vacant. This reduces the cost of power used and lengthens the lifetime use of the lighting therefore reducing the cost of maintaining lighting systems.

Predictive Maintenance Systems report when defined thresholds are breached, ensuring maintenance can be preventative rather than restorative. By scheduling maintenance in response to a potential issue, the business saves money before facing the expensive cost of unscheduled downtime.

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