Arduino into Commercial product? 9 keys to success:

My concept works on Arduino... Now I need to source successful commercial product. Discover hidden risks.

Arduino into Commercial product? 9 keys to success:

New white paper from BitBox: ARM® electronics design ready for commercial production

Arduino kits - from the tiny LightBlue Bean® up - are superb starting points. But can they make robust product? Will your final product be an Arduino success story... Or just a Discontin-u-ino !

Unlike a dev-kit, a production prototype is engineered to stay profitable as your end-users order more and more. This new white paper page from BitBox explores some of the key issues you"ll encounter in the product lifecycle: stability of your platform, to sourcing reliably.

Our 9 success factors: Arduino can still help you Go-Pro-uino At BitBox we"ve worked with the core elements of Arduino for many years, building a sound understanding of how to take your design forward to a commercial product, successful in your target markets.

BitBox Arduino/ARM pathway is proven to minimise risks, delays and costs of your commercial launch... and maximise the re-use of your coding and proof of concept work.

BitBox Ltd: we safely transition your product into successful production.

Go-Pro-uino with the BitBox UK team behind you.

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