Electronics & Software Design & Manufacture
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BitBox has an unrivalled pedigree and competes on the global stage for some great reasons.

  • 25 years experience of prototyping through to high volume production
  • Unrivalled Linux expertise producing stable, reliable and powerful operating systems
  • Proven experience in applications relying on ARM processors delivering low-power solutions with high processing capability in often extreme environments
  • Quality is in our DNA; yes we’re certified. But more so, our team is passionate about making every product to the highest quality possible
  • Qualified professionals ensure prototypes are built, inspected, tested and verified to internationally recognised standards
  • We’re one co-located team; design, manufacture, inspection and test all happen at our UK facility in Basingstoke, Hampshire, providing process efficiencies and access to on-site experts

Most importantly of all, our customers benefit from our approach to customer care. We strive to nurture strong partnerships based on reliability, honesty and equality. Our professional and passionate team takes pride in its work and goes the extra mile to exceed expectations.