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RS232 serial level shifter

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A very simple device for shifting serial signals at digital/TTL levels to RS232. Works on 3V to 5V supplies and logic levels. 9 pin DCE and DTE connector. There are Tx and Rx indicator LEDs.

This is one of those devices that everyone needs at some stage during embedded systems development!

Demo Video

  • TTL Logic to RS232 level shifter
  • 9 pin DCE and DTE connectors
  • 3V to 5V operation
  • Up to 115KBaud
  • Power on LED
  • Tx Rx indicator LEDs
  • Buffered handshaking lines

The BitBox level shifter is a device to convert digital logic levels to RS232 levels.


The level shifter is powered from the target system from 3 to 5V. The logic levels used are compatible with the target power level.

Both a DCE and DTE 9 pin connector is provided on the board for connection to the RS232 port.

A 6 pin 0.1" pitch header is used to connect to the target hardware. A mating header with 6 uncommitted cables is provided with the board.

Supplied in the box

  • Level shifter board
  • Target interface cable

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