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PC Watchdog

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The USB PC Watchdog is a device intended to automatically reboot a PC in case of system crash.
Once the USB PC Watchdog has been enabled, your application must 'kick' the device on a regular basis. If the watchdog does not detect a 'kick' within a timeout period the reset button of the PC is 'pushed'.

  • Provides maximum application up-time
  • Connects to internal USB port
  • 'Presses' the PC RESET button in event of software failure
  • Drivers for Windows® and Linux

Simple to install

The USB PC Watchdog is simple to install, requiring a connection to an internal USB port on the motherboard and the reset switch input. A feedthrough is available to allow the reset switch to work as normal.

Simple to use

The USB PC Watchdog is easy to use. Drivers are available for Windows and Linux.
A number of simple commands are used to enable and disable the device, and set the timing parameters.

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