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The four key skills that make engineering candidates stand out at interview

As an electronics design and manufacturing company the quality of the engineers who work for us is a key element of our success. When recruiting, however, we often find that candidates lack that special quality that makes them stand out as an exceptional candidate.

So what is that engineers need do to stand out at interview and demonstrate that they will make a difference as an engineer working for us and be a valued member of the team.


We often find that engineers, particularly at graduate level, are attracted by the larger companies and the development opportunities they offer. We have found, however, that this can mean that engineers coming to us looking to move to the next stage in their career may have only experienced a narrow area of engineering. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing if these candidates have come to us because they are looking for the broader experience a smaller company can offer but we need to know there is a genuine passion for engineering driving them forward.

Desire solve problems

When moving on, some engineers are technically very competent but they can sometimes lack a genuine curiosity and problem solving ability.

Education certainly has a role to play in developing skills and it is interesting to note that the A-level in Electronic Engineering is being withdrawn in the summer of 2018, with students interested in the subject encouraged to study more vocational qualifications post 16 or consider the apprenticeship route. Although education can help to develop problem solving skills, it is often the candidate who demonstrates an intuitive desire and presents evidence of solving problems who stands out as extraordinary.

Love of learning

The qualifications we look for in an engineer will be dependent on the role that someone is applying for. For our summer placement or apprenticeship vacancies we would expect students to be studying, or planning to study, Electronic Engineering in some form. For more senior roles, while qualifications gained at school, college or university are important, we are more interested in their experience as well as desire to continue to learn and develop. In the world of Electronic Engineering things can change quickly so someone who shows the initiative to follow trends and question the benefit a development will bring really stands out.

Ability to see the big picture

As a medium sized company we can offer our engineers a broad experience so that they understand the complete process from initial brief and concept creation through to design, manufacturing and testing. The engineers who work at BitBox work as a team and having a manufacturing facility on site means that all our designs consider the manufacturing process ensuring that products can be manufactured cost effectively, quickly and that obsolescence can be managed effectively.