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Electronics & Software Design & Manufacture
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A Electronics Design engineer scrutinises work to ensure compliance with customer requirements


Electronics design and embedded software development

IIoT electronics and software design services

Electronics Design and Embedded Software Development

Great electronic products start with a great idea. It takes something special to make them a reality – designers with imagination and expertise in electronic product design; manufacturing engineers with technical skills to deliver reliable solutions; a production line that delivers quality time and time again and a company with professionalism and a proven ability to nurture effective partnerships based on honesty, fairness and equality.

Electronics Product Design


Embedded Software

Quality Assurance


Commulite Logo - BitBox designs and manufactures an industry leading LED lighting solution for use in residential units
VisionRT logo; BitBox has supported VisionRT for many years, providing PCB Assembly services


Glazing Vision manufactures windows to maximise natural light

Glazing Vision - A Window on Firmware Development

Glazing Vision Ltd provides a variety of architectural glass rooflights to suit an equally diverse range of residential dwellings and commercial properties. Over a twenty-year period, Glazing Vision has developed a skillset to deliver the complete rooflight offering. This includes a through life approach to incorporate design, manufacture, installation and ongoing maintenance. BitBox was engaged…

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Broadcast Studio Server

BitBox's electronics engineering expertise extends to many sectors. Regardless of sector, products often connect a user to information or a machine to a data source. Sometimes projects come around that demand more interconnectivity. This happened with CuePilot and their Broadcast Studio Server. The Challenge CuePilot provides a multi-platform, multi-user broadcast studio server system for use…

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Pet-ID Near Field Scanner

BitBox is used to entrepreneurs with often crazy ideas. Some, however, are founded on needs-based opportunities. With the legal requirement to chip certain pets, our client saw the opportunity to go to market with a near field scanner to help Vets with their every day tasks. The Challenge Pet-ID, a leading provider of pet microchips,…

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Headphone demonstration EPOS system

'Sales enablement' is a relatively new buzzword. However, it relates to the simple process of using something to captivate your potential customer. That concept has been around forever! BitBox's expertise in the design and manufacture of electronics has been called on in the creation of an EPOS system (Electronic Point of Sale) to capture the…

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